(alt) reality

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The (alt) reality exhibition is a result of a studio course taught in the Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design at The New School, designed by JAZSALYN and co-instructed with DeForrest Brown Jr.

(alt) reality is an exploration of techno origins and experimental sound. (alt)reality (esc)apes the constraints of the dance floor and reasserts sound as technology to alter the present and reimagine the future. What is a ‘rhythmanalysis’ of technocracy? What are the sounds of resistance? How do vibrations reorient and alter our consciousness?

The course is an analysis of experimental sound practice at the intersection of race, gender, class, and technology. Our research referenced works by Juan Atkins, Drexciya, Black Quantum Futurism, Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Flying Lotus, Jlin, Jace Clayton, John Akomfrah, black beyond, DeForrest Brown Jr. and more.

As an embodied practice of their research, students created sound compositions in Abelton and sculpted 3D environments to explore their interpretation of alternate realities through sound. Their collective practice contributes to the virtual, immersive soundscape featured on New Art City.

*(alt) reality is a collaboration, supported by Ableton, New Art City and Dublab Radio.

Featured Artists

  • Huishan Chi
  • Zhehui Chen
  • Jiyeon Choi
  • Yoon Jin Bae
  • Sam Hozian
  • AJ Medeiros
  • Xingtong Wang
  • Yuqing Liang
  • Zhiyue Chen
  • Yiqing Wang
  • Yuhui Qi
  • Margaux Halloran
  • Nicholas D’Angelo
  • Shuyu Xu
  • Ye Cheng

(alt) reality